Car & Driver Connected

Message Vehicle Owners By License Plate.

Free License Plate Activation.

Driver Anonymity Guaranteed.

Receive Messages Sent To Your Vehicle.

Instant Delivery of Messages Pending.

24/7 Parked Vehicle Protection.

Instant Notification

Receive instant text message notification when your vehicles license plate has been messaged.

Anonymity Guaranteed

All text message exchanges are sent from encrypted peer to peer MessageByPlate™ service numbers.

Easy To Use

Simply scan a license plate with the camera on your mobile device to send a message to the vehicle’s owner.

On Any Device

MessageByPlate™ works on any Android or IOS mobile device including Apple CarPlay. No App download required.

Privacy & Control

Opt to receive messages from MessageByPlate™ Certified parking locations only.

Robust Security

Secure block chain servers automatically monitor all messaging activity, traceable back to any source send device.

Device Registration
Plate Registration
Message Encryption
Neutral Text Number
Messaging Privacy Filters

Car & Driver Connected.

Use MessageByPlate™ to securely text message vehicle owners directly by license plate.

Text Message Any Vehicle Owner By License Plate.

Receive Messages Sent To Your Vehicles License Plate.

 Neutral Service Numbers Used In Text Messaging Exchanges.

 No Personal Information Required Or Displayed In Use.

MBP Certified Parking Locations Verified By Location Name.

Messaging Activity.

Blocked Driveway 0

Social Introduction 0

Intent To Tow 0

Courtesy Intent To Tow Warning 0

Vehicle Causing Obstruction 0

Vehicle Vandalized Notification 0

Parking Pass Not Displayed 0

Vehicle Exit Requirement 0

Drivers Attention Required 0

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 Save your family & friends from a possible future ticket or tow.