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Or MBP is a free text messaging service.

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Reverse plate lookup is also available to all users for free. Access reverse plate lookup from your laptop, computer or any mobile device.

Message By Plate

Known as MessageByPlate™


Pronouced spelled out Message By Plate.

Message By Plate Vehicle Owner Text Messaging

Our service enables commercial accounts and civilians to text message the owner of any vehicle by license tag. Founded in 2013 originally as Haloplate, the platform was redesigned and reengineered from the ground up in 2018. Our license tag based platform accommodates license tag lookups, reverse license tag lookups and dmv vehicle owner searches by license tag. Using a license tag as the unique identifier, MessageByPlate users may access license tag lookups, reverse license tag lookups and dmv vehicle owner searches by license tag from or the primary domain of

License Plate Lookup users  may use the license tag lookup feature as the see fit. Once found, they can message any vehicle owner.

Reverse License Tag Lookup

Similar to license tag lookup & license tag search. users may reverse license tag lookup feature as the see fit. Once found, they can message any vehicle owner. Reverse license plate lookup is a popular internet search activity in the great state of California. Message By Plate does not use or access DMV reverse license plate lookup databases or resources.

License Plate Search

Similar to license tag number lookup & reverse license tag number search. users may license tag search any vehicle at any time.

Apple Car Play

Now Message By Plate easily integrates with Apple Car Play. Using Apple car play, simply enter the command to start the service and dictate your message. Message By Plate will send your dictated message as a text message to the vehicles owners.

License Plate Search

License tag search is one of the more popular search terms from vehicle owners and drivers in the United States. MessageByPlate provides free license plate search to all vehicle and non-vehicle owners. In short, civilians. License plate search is free and anyone can conduct a license number lookup or use a license number search from any of our DMV non-based websites, including license plate

Text Messaging

Test messaging is used in conjunction with license plates to send a text message to the owner of any vehicles license plate.

DMV Lookup

Important to know that Message By Plate does not access DMV records to access plate information. operates its own cloud based servers and databases.

Message By Plate

Message By Plate is a license plate based vehicle owner text messaging service founded by former DreamWorks Executive, Ed Lynch. The service enables both Civilians and Certified MessageByPlate™ parking locations such as Airports, Stadiums, Event Venues, Hotel Chains etc to text message the owners of parked vehicles requiring driver attention simply by license plate. Text messages are transmitted from a neutral service number to ensure driver privacy. The service has gained substantial momentum, rumored to register in excess of 10,000 vehicles per day. MessageByPlate™ is also the recipient of the coveted Parking Innovation Award from the CPAC.

The service does not use VIN numbers of DMV records.  It is a cloud based service providing parked vehicle protection to car and driver. It prevents dogs from being left in hot cars. Simply message the owner of any parked vehicle that the dog has been left behind in a hot car. Message By Plate provides service to any vehicle owner in the United States & Canada, Drivers of DMV registered vehicles. Including drivers of DMV black plates.

Parking Signs

Messagebyplate offers a brad array of custom parking signs on our website Message By plate parking signs indicate to drivers that their vehicle may be messaged if requiring a drivers attention.

Custom Frames

Messagebyplate offers a broad array of custom plate frames on our website Message By plate frames indicate to drivers that their vehicle may be messaged if needing attention. Message By plate is a free service. Activate your license plate today.

Fleet Management.

Driver direct communications.

Servicing Fleets.

Our drivers are messaged’s a very efficient communications platform for us.

Bill T.
Director of Fleet Operations

Our drivers are now accessible, accountable to city park correctly.

Parker F.
Fleet Manager

Driver performance has improved dramatically as a direct result.

Jack G.
Company President

More effective & far less expensive than any “1-800 Hows My” alternative on the market.

Greg S.
VP of Fleet Operations

MessageByPlate is truly enjoyed & appreciated by all of our customers.

Alison C.
Rental Fleet Manager

A 2-month return on investment in parking citation savings alone.

Albert N.
Fleet Manager

Simple & Effective

MessageByPlate™ enables civilians to message your fleet vehicles by license plate when the vehicle is the cause of obstruction, comment or concern.

  • Enable driver direct &/or central office branded replies.

  • Affords instant resolve to parking related issues.

  • Relieve driver stress when parked in congested areas.

  • Minimizes parking violations, tickets & tows.

  • Reduce fleet insurance premiums.


Ease Of Use

Text message guests by license plate from any mobile, tablet or desktop device. Simply enter a vehicles license plate to text message any parked vehicles owner.

• Cloud based text-messaging platform.

• Supports video clips & images.

• Single interface multiple location management.

• Comprehensive messaging activity dashboard.

• No special software or training required.

Brand Enhancement

Enhance your brand with unprecedented levels of customer service.


Rental Fleets

MessageByPlate™ enables rental car customers to be text messaged on their mobile device, by their rental cars license plate.

  • Enable customer direct &/or central office replies.

  • Affords instant resolve to parking related issues.

  • Relieves driver stress in unfamiliar areas.

  • Automatic new customer registration per vehicle.

  • Protects company assets during rental periods.

Big & Small

From small city fleets to national rental car brands. MessageByPlate™ is built to easily manage vehicle|driver communications at scale.

  • Easy import of active fleet vehicles by license plate.

  • Simple communications preference settings.

  •  Intuitive system admin centralized dashboard.

  • Automatic messaging exchange archiving.

  • Automatic driver/vehicle assignment.

  • Manage unlimited fleet vehicles.


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