Parking Operators

Vehicle Owner Direct Communication

Provide Unprecedented Customer Service

Message vehicle owners directly by license plate when their vehicle requires their immediate attention.
  • Message From Any Mobile, Desktop or Mobile Device.
  • Easy Management – No Software Install Required.
  • Enhance Customer Service.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction.
  • Increase Security – Reduce Insurance Premiums.

Centralized Control

MBP provides a secure cloud based communications portal.
  • Real Time Centralized Messaging Across All Devices.
  • Easy Access Employee Messaging Logs.
  • Easy Employee User Management.
  • Date Stamped Messaging Archives.
  • Easy Access Messaging Filters.

Brand Enhancement

Customer service builds brands.

Aligning customer service and your brand is an essential but under-used way to attract and retain customers, differentiate the business, and boost brand loyalty.

  • Message By Plate Promotes Customer Vehicle Safety.
  • All Certified Location Messages Are Branded By Location Name.
  • Message By Plate Is A Free Service For Vehicle Owners.

Everyday Practical.

  • Intent To Tow Warning
  • Garage Closing Notification
  • Vehicle Alarm Sounding
  • Vehicles Lights Left On
  • Parked In Restricted Area
  • Child/Pet Left In Vehicle
  • Vehicle Alarm Sounding
  • Vehicle Parked in Fire Lane
  • Vehicle Left Running
  • Vehicle Parked In Tow Lane
  • Vehicle Fire
  • Vehicle Break-In
  • Vehicle Vandalized
  • Parking Collision
  • Vehicle Being Towed
Message Any Vehicles Driver As Needed.

Message By Plate is a proprietary text based (sms) messaging services enabling parking locations to message any vehicle owner, any message by license plate…instantly.

Feature Free Service Single Location Enterprise
Centralized Messaging Portal
Cloud Based Desktop Access
Verified Location Messaging
Branded Messaging
Unlimited Vehicle Messaging
Employee Field Mobile Messaging
Unlimited Locations
Parking Signage Display Requirement