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MessageByPlate™ commercial parking signs enable property owners to text message vehicle owners directly by license plate as a MessageByPlate™ certified location



Quaility Business signs by MessagebyByPlate, America’s sign company.  We provide commercial signs, outdoor signs, and parking lot signs. We are America’s number one sign company.

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Business Signs

Notwithstanding, our business signs from message by plate are considered extremely effective. Furthermore, providing drivers with unpresecednted parking safety measures.

Commercial Signs

Not to mention, again, our commercial signs from messagebyplate get the job done. Furthermore, the least expensive signs available on the market today. Equally as important, sign quality. We take pride in our signage product. Similarly, we take great pride in our service.


Commercial Signs & Outdoor Signs
Similar to our indoor business signs. We also sell commercial signs, business signs and outdoor signs.


Our Parking Lot Signs

Together with outdoor signs. We sell parking lot signs too. As you would expect, lots of parking lot signs! Then you have to consider, free hsipping which is equally as important when considering budget.

Some Parking Lot Signage

Just like text messaging vehicle owners via license plate lookup. We sell signs too. As you would expect, we ship for free coupled with fast service. Together with DMV registrations, we deliver messages. Like you would expect, our service is fast. We provide free shipping too.


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Outdoor Signs

Want a quality outdoor sign? You have come to the right place. Together with the ability to text message vehicle owners. This technology has been toted as likely to be included with DMV registration in the future. Coupled with our messging tech, we are a great service.

The Parking App

Parking Lot Signs

New Parking lots signs are our core business. Notwithstanding, we sell 3M quality signs coupled with out patented digital license plate technology. DMV registration offices have welcomed the innovation with open arms.


Custom Parking Signs

Custom parking signs have long been available since 2016. As a matter of fact, we design more parking lot signs than any other comany. Again, if you need commercial parking lot signs of any type. MessagebyPlate is where you need to buy.


The Sign Company

Messagebyplate is the number one sign company in the US & Canada. In the same fashion you would purchase a regsular sign. Our service comes with license plate lookup technology. Not to mention, providig drivers with parked vehicle protection.


Sign Company Online

Similarly, Messagebyplate is the number one online sign company in America. Equally as impoprtnat to know is that we provide free shipping too. For all signs, business signs, outdoor signs and parkig lot signs.


Sign Posts

In like manner, we can also provide sign posts. To say nothing of quaility, our sign posts are made of 100% american aluminium.


Together with our vehicle owner license plate messaging technology, dmv registration enhancement. We offer much more than no parking signs or do not block my driveway. Coupled with text messaging tech, messagebyplate provides drivers with a unique parking app. Identical to the one we have all dreamed about as kids. Together with iphones, our signs are really effective.


Choose your no parking sign from our largest inventory of Parking Signs for sale available at guaranteed best pricing. We offer over 600 custom sign templates


Private Parking Signs

Also, we provide pre designed and custom private parking. Using Messagebyplate, you simply enter a vehicles license plate,  type the text message you want to send to the vehicles driver and hit send. The process is extremly user friendly and DMV license plate friendly.


Customize your own parking signs. Use our simple tool to design your own or pick one of our popular templates. Also Includes FREE SHIPPING!

Official parking signs for sale direct from USA manufacturer. Durable metal construction. Guaranteed low pricing – shop for parking signs now!

You need parking signs to stop vehicles from parking illegally in your lot. Parking signs are sold by many. But ours provide innovative, smart sign technology. Not to mention, the service is free with all pakring signs sold.

If you need parking signs. You have come to the right place.

  • 63 mil thick, rustproof aluminum or plastic.
  • Printed with 3M inks and materials. 3M authorized manufacturer.
  • For use indoors or outdoors.
  • Rounded corners – for easy handling and a professional appearance.
  • Includes large holes for easy mounting.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Shipping & Handling $2.95 (free with social media share)