Commercial Parking Signs


MessageByPlate™ commercial parking signs enable property owners to text message vehicle owners directly by license plate as a MessageByPlate™ certified location. Certification guarantees text message delivery to vehicle owners who have their communication preference set to certified locations only.
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No Parking Signs

Messagebyplate provides no parking signs to suit a broad array of no parking situations. Our parking lot signs address no parking with an innovative approach, text-message vehicle owners by license plate. How can we help you today? With No parking signs, parking signs, visitor parking signs or commercial parking signs. No matter what your needs are for your parking facility. MessageByPlate has you covered. Now no parking. just exactly as it sounds. When no parking means no parking. Getting no parking signs are always the way to go. With no parking signs, your pakring lot is kept clear at all times.



Parking Signs

We over millions of possibilities. When you can text message car owners. There really is no limit as to how you can manage your parking garage or parking lot. Try our service and see how effective our signs are in service.



Commercial Parking Signs

Commercial parking signs, you say it because you mean it. Send a message to vehicle owners that no parking means exactly that. Our signs are a huge deterrent for parking abuse.


Parking Lot Signs

Parking lot signs have not changed in many years until the Introduction of MessageByPlate digital hybrid smart parking lot signs. Serving customers while also effectively deterring parking lot abuse.


Visitor Parking Signs

The fine line between being welcoming and deterring parking violators. MessageByPlate visitor parking signs provide parking security to these who should be parked on property while serving as a deterrent for those who should not.


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  • Printed with 3M inks and materials. 3M authorized manufacturer.
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