License Plate Frames


MessageByPlate™ license plate frames discreetly display your vehicles connected status as available to be text messaged by license plate number.



We sell custom license plates, black metal license plate frame, license plate frame cover, license plate frames for men & license plate frame cover.

•  Free Of Charge

•  Demensions: 6″ (H) x 12″ (W)

•  Fits Standard Size License Plates. (US & Canada)

•  High Quality | Weather Proofed.

•  Provides Parked Vehicle Protection.

•  Discreet Design.

•  Made in the U.S.A.

•  Shipping & Handling $2.95 (free with social media share)

Custom License Plates

Custom license plates as provided by MessageByPlate™. America’s number one license plate frame provider. If you are looking for custom license plates to compliment your parking app of reverse license plate lookup. You should buy a custom license plate.


Black Metal License Plate Frame

Not only do we sell chrome license plate frame. We are one of the only providers of slim black metal license plate frame. Ideal for your DMV black license plate.


License Plate Frame Cover

Notwithstanding, our license plate frame covers are made from quality materials made in the USA. Also, we ship all license frames free of charge!


License Plate Frames For Men

Also, we specialize in license plate frames for men. Similar to plate frames for women. Ours are also manly!


License Plate Frames

Replacing dealer license frames with custom plate frames is a very popular option for car & driver.


In addition to selling vehicle accessories to compliment license plate lookup. We also provide vehicle owner text messaging service. First, second and third to frames are MessageByPlate messaging options. Including, free shipping with every purchase!


Receive instant text message notification when your vehicles license plate has been messaged.

License Plate Lookup

• Know if your vehicle is about to be ticketed or towed.

• Receive vehicle break-in, hit & run or vandalism notification.

• Know when your parked vehicle is the cause of obstruction.

• Message other parked vehicle owners blocking your access.

• Enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 parked vehicle protection.



MessagebyPlate works with all DMV registration. Simply enter your DMV license plate detail to active the service. Also, you can register DMV black legacy plates at no extra charge, In addition to being connected, the black license plates look super sleek. A cool look for any car. Not only is messagebyplate free, but also an extremely effective method of vehicle owner text messaging similar to plext or zilp, equally if not more effective.


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