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MessageByPlate™ custom parking signs enable property owners to text message vehicle owners directly by license plate as a MessageByPlate™ certified location. Certification guarantees text message delivery to vehicle owners who have their communication preference set to certified locations only.



Trying to make your own sign, sourcing premium no parking signs or custom parking sign. MessagebyPlate provides parking signs of all types and sizes. You have the option to create a handicap parking sign. Make you own sign with MessageByPlate.


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No Parking Signs

Not to mention, no parking signs from message by plate are very popular. Together with the ability to text message vehicle owners, in like manner to windshield notes. Messagebyplate is pioneering the digital parking sign revolution.

Custom Parking Sign

Moreover, If you can think of a custom parking sign design. We can manufacture it. In addition, you can message vehicle owners by their DMV issued license plate.

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Again, because of quality craftmansship, our signs are made from quality material, cheap and made to last.

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Handicap Parking Sign

As a matter of fact, before you try anyhwere else.

Messagebyplate allows you to create your own custom handicap parking sign.

Moreover, you can even add your company logo. Not to mention, text message non handicap vehicle owners by license plate.


Make Your Own Sign

Can’t wait to design? We will build any make your own sign design. Not to mention all the unique features license plate messaging apps have to offer vehicle owners all over the country.


In addition, the mass-production of automobiles in the United States began at the turn of the 20th century, and so too did sign production.


Free Parking Signs


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Comparatively, there was a big reduction in vehicles being twoed from parking lots.

As a matter of fact, MessageByPlate parking signage has reduced towing rates upwards or 100%.


Equally as import is the parked vehcile protection variable. As a first, second and third priority, driver safety is paramount in our operational procedures.

Choose your no park signfrom our largest inventory of Park Signsfor sale available at guaranteed best pricing. We offer over 600 custom sign templates


Private Parking

There more to us than beats the eye. We provide pre designed and custom private parking.

Uniquely, we are the only service that guarantees tow prevention. Coupled with our digital license plates and the fact you can customize your own park signs. Use our simple tool to design your own or pick one of our popular templates. Also Includes FREE SHIPPING!

Official park signsfor sale direct from USA manufacturer. Durable metal construction. Guaranteed low pricing – shop for park signs now! Of course, we expact your complete satisfaction.

  • Design proofs will be emailed within 4 business hours from checkout.
  • Designs proofs will be revised until 100% satisfied.
  • No commitment to purchase final design required – free design service.