Mirror Hang Tags


Display your vehicles connected status. Avoid tickets and tows; let it be known your vehicle is online and available to receive license plate based text messages via MessageByPlate™.



Hang Tag

Called many names from Hang Tag, hangtag, car hang tags, rearview mirror hang tags to simply call me I’ll move sign. MessageByplate sells quailty mirror hang tags to suit any private or fleet vehicle. You can’t find these products on myparkingpermit.com. They are sold from MessageByPlate direct.


For Drivers


Each MBP Hangtag is constucted from quality materials. Each is 30mm thick and weatherproof. These hang tags will not bleach in the sun on your rearview mirror.

Car Hang Tags

Car Hang Tags come in many varieties from custrom pakring permits to nevelaty. Our car hang tags are designed to encourage license plate lookups to text message a vehicles owner by license plate.

Service Testimonials

Rearview Mirror Hang Tags

Rearview mirror hang tags can be installed by a simple gesture yet will prevent yiur car form being tickted or worse again, towed.

We ship Hang Tag, hangtag, car hang tags, rearview mirror hang tags to simply call me I’ll move.

MessageByPlate is differnet to Call me I’ll move in that we do not require a driver to display their personal phone number.


Stunning, durable designs

Add your logo to an award-winning template. Perfect for stadiums, airports, schools,hospitals,apartments, and more. Impress guests and students with the quality permit they’ll be happy to have in their car.


Full color print at no extra charge.

For inside or outside of windows. Choose static cling, reflective or laminated vinyl.  We sell every option.

Distinctive parking hang tags and bold numbers are easy to spot.

• Find 100o’s of designs that can be easily personalized with you logo and property name.

• Tags are tested to withstand bake-oven conditions of a car and last for years.

• Industry leading ToughTags™ feature embedded graphics.

• Also find low cost paper and plastic tag options.

• Hang from mirror and reuse, optionally, in other vehicles.


Call Me I’ll Move Sign

Message byplate provides a text based version of call me I’ll move sign. Negating the need to display the drivers telephone number.

Become A Reseller

•  Dimensions: 3 1/2” (W) x  5 1/2” (H)

•  30mil ToughTag™ material.

•  Provides parked vehicle protection.

•  Durable ToughTag™ sun protection.

•  Heavy Duty plastic permit style tag.

•  Discreet MBP Logo displayed on reverse side.

•  Designed to be noticed.

•  Transferable from one vehicle to another.

•  Made in the U.S.A.

•  Free Shipping & Handling