Residential Parking Signs


Have not had a single problem since we put our sign up.

We created a custom sign and it looks amazing…so professional.

The end of college kids blocking our driveway. It’s fantastic…

When people see you can message them by their license plate…they just move on!

Quality, sturdy metal signs. They stopped people blocking my apartment buildings entrance the day they went up.

MessageByPlate™ parking signs enable residential property owners to text message vehicle owners directly by license plate as a MessageByPlate™ certified location. Certification guarantees text message delivery to vehicle owners who have their communication preference set to certified locations only.
Prefer to customize your own design?



Message by plate provides premium quality residential parking signsprivate property signsprivate parking signs all for resident parking private property. We also sell a great no parking in driveway sign.

Residential Parking Signs 

Message by plate provides a great selection of affordable residential parking signs. Residential parking signs suited to both residential homes, apartment buildings, commercial private properties and private property in general. Our free license plate lookup service allows you to text message any vehicle owner by license plate.

Private Property Signs

Our no private no parking signs are second to none. The messagebyplate license plate lookup technology allows you to text message any vehicle owner by license plate. What other private property signs allow you to do that?

Private Parking Signs

With private parking signs, you usually have only one objective, for your purchased private parking signs to ward off would be parking abusers, People who park illegally on your property leaving you no choice but to call a tow company. Our private no parking signs are the best at determining private apartment building property parking abuse.

Private Property Sign Benefits

Private property signs clearly display that you own a property to all vehicle owners.

Resident Parking Signs Common Uses

Reserved parking signs reserve parking locations for a wide variety of specific individuals or groups. Parking spots – generally reserved as a way to provide quick and easy access to the entrance of a facility as well as honoring someone for their title or achievements. They can also be used to reserve parking spots for those that are physically handicapped and need to be able to park as close as possible to the entrance. Here are some of the most common uses for reserved parking signs:

  • Businesses, Offices, and Restaurants-Customer Parking, Employee Parking, Employee of the Month Parking Space, Management Parking, Handicap Accessible Parking
  • Hotels and Event Venues– Guest and Visitor Parking, VIP Parking Spaces, Prohibited Parking Locations, Handicap Accessible Parking
  • Churches and Religious Institutions– Pastor/Ministor Parking Spaces, Clergy Parking, Visitor Parking, Handicap Accessible Parking
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities– Expectant Mother Parking Spaces, Emergency Parking, Doctor/Physician Parking Spaces, Visitor Parking, Patient Parking, Long-Term Parking, Handicap Accessible Parking

Private Property Signs For Sale

Owners of private property tend to want to keep things private. With the MessageByPlate private sign property lines of no parking signs. Parking violators will quickly be a thing of the past.

Residential Parking Signs Benefits

They are cheap, effective and work. We also sell private property signs in many different forms. MBP private property signs use quality recycled aluminum.

No Parking In Driveway Sign

The classic, the no parking in driveway signs. Even though no parking in driveway sign pretty much says it all. Drivers tend to still park their vehicles illegally on private property. The MessageByPlate no parking in driveway sign is 100% proven to deter private property parking abuse.

Private Parking Signs

Usually come in red with a plain white 3M reflective background for easy visibility at night.

Guest Parking Signs

Our guest parking signs warmly invite residential guests to park. However, visitor parking signs from messagebyplate give visitors clear instruction on how to park while warding off vehicle owners looking to park illegally.

Apartment Building Parking Signs

Our apartment building parking signs are instrumental in managing guest, visitor and tenant only parking via MessageByplate smart signs.

Business Parking Signs

All of our line primarily supports business parking signs. Smart signs, similar to those found on my parking sign are ideal for any business parking sign requirements.

Private Parking Sign Benefits

A private parking sign keeps your private property of business free from parking violators.

Tow Away Zone

Tow away zone parking signs are not really ideal for residential parking requirements as the vehicle owner assumes they will be gone in the time it takes to call a tow truck. Thats why our smart parking signs act as such a vital source of residential parking management.

Residential Parking Sign Benefits

Exclusive to MessageByPlate, our know before we tow signs get drivers thinking. Tow or text message are the only two options. Either way, these signs are  highly effective in managing your private property.

No Parking In Driveway Sign

A sign that say it all but often ingored by drivers. Why a MessageByPlate smart sign is the better option. Text message vehicle owners directly by license plate lookup.

Resident Parking Signs 

Reserve spaces for your residents and ensure that they always have a place to park. Resident parking signs make sure that everyone parks in the right place.

• Your residents will love their new designated parking area.

• 3M’s films and inks include a 10-year warranty and won’t fade like competitive signs.

Reserved Parking Sign

Reserved Parking Sign: Resident Parking Only, Violators Will Be Towed At Vehicle Owner’s Expense, Lot Is Under 24 Hour Video Surveillance. Alternatively,  install a MBP Residents only parking sign.

Tow Away Sign

Resident Parking Unauthorized Cars – Towed Away At Owner’s Expense. Lethally effective to get the job done.

Resident Parking Signs

Ideal for apartment buildings, apartment complexes. Our resident parking signs are proven to keep tenants happy and resident parking open for all. No need for management, our signs stop parking abuse by non tenants.

What Are Resident Parking Signs?

Prevent the general public from parking in designated areas at your business, restaurant, church, or hotel with Resident Parking Signs. This can include customer parking, employee parking, VIP parking and more. These signs can be fully customized with any message, color, image, or logo at no additional charge. You can create from scratch in any size, while the most common size used is 12” wide and 18” tall. The signs are made from either aluminum or reflective aluminum, but can be created from any of our available sign materials.


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  • Printed with 3M inks and materials. 3M authorized manufacturer.
  • For use indoors or outdoors.
  • Rounded corners – for easy handling and a professional appearance.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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