Residential Parking Signs


When people see you can message them by their license plate…they just move on!

The end of college kids blocking our driveway. It’s fantastic…

We created a custom sign and it looks amazing…so professional.

Have not had a single problem since we put our sign up.

Quality, sturdy metal signs. They stopped people blocking my apartment buildings entrance the day they went up.

MessageByPlate™ parking signs enable residential property owners to text message vehicle owners directly by license plate as a MessageByPlate™ certified location. Certification guarantees text message delivery to vehicle owners who have their communication preference set to certified locations only.
Prefer to customize your own design?



Looking for a parking sign, look no further. messagebyPlate provides wooden signs metal signs. Private parking signs are also sold. Includes are very popular no parking in driveway sign.


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Parking Sign

Parking sign by message by plate. Messagebyplate parking signs are unique in that they allow property owners to create custom parking signs.

No Parking In Driveway Sign

The parking signs that really say it all.


Wooden Signs

messagebyplate does not provide these signs. But our collection of metal and plastic signs is second to none. Comparatively, metal and plastics signs are better in terms of endurability.


Metal Signs

Also, we do sell and design premium custom metal signs. Furthermore, we also sell plastic signs. There is no worng choice, in addition to being able to lookup a vehicles owner by dmv license plate. MessagebyPlate should be your first, second and third choice.


Parking Signs started as incredibly simple products, and some today are still very simple, but over time, parking signs have become increasingly intricate and specific. As our lives have become more complex, fraught with more and more new laws and regulations, our parking signs have also become more complex, in accordance with these same laws and regulations.

Last but not least, dmv vehicle registraton is online as are we. DMV registration has long sought a digital license plate solution as Messagebyplate. Equally as important, dmv wants to promote vehicle safety. Together with vehicle owner text messaging, we provide that very service.


Private Parking Signs

We provide pre designed and custom private parking signs. In addition to private & commercial parking signs. We also provide an innovative technology.

  • Printed with 3M inks and materials. 3M authorized manufacturer.
  • For use indoors or outdoors.
  • Rounded corners – for easy handling and a professional appearance.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Free Shipping & Handling