Service Testimonials.


“Has saved me from multiple parking tickets.”

Miriam B.

“Guy messaged me he had hit my car.”

Jonah L.

“Saved me from a tow at Coachella, thank you!!”

Jenny S.

“The end of college kids blocking our driveway.”

Joe F.

“Saved my car from getting towed this morning.”

Melanie F.

“Got a $50 reward for letting a guy know he was about to be towed.”

Jes W.

“Witnessed and messaged a vehicle break-in.”

Dave D.

“Being anonymous makes me feel extra safe.”

Elizabeth H.

“My car actually feels smarter.”

James K.

“Love my license plate frame!”

Heather J.

“This service is awesome!”

Brad J.


“Keeps us connected with parked vehicle owners…wherever they may fly.”

Arthur W.

Airport Parking Operations

“Our drivers are now accessible, accountable to city park correctly.”

Parker F.

Fleet Manager

“Our greatest convenience is no longer needing to make PA announcements for drivers to return to their car.”

Keith H.

Stadium Operations

“Our drivers are messaged’s a very efficient commuications platform for us.”

Bill T.

Fleet Operations

“We park 55,000 vehicles over the 3 day festival…an invaluable service for all.”

Frank J.

Event Parking

“MessageByPlate is truly enjoyed & appreciated by all of our customers.”

Alison C.

Rental Fleet Manager

“We spend millions to attract our customers. The last thing we want to do is tow them out.”

Mark T.

Retail Parking Operations